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Wikitude expands its AR platform

At the biggest augmented reality event of the year, the Augmented World Expo, Wikitude is setting the stage for a new addition to its augmented reality (AR) platform. After 8 years of serving over 100,000 developers around the world with both location based AR technology, as well as a 2D image recognition and tracking SDK, Wikitude today announces the beginning of a new product category with the Wikitude SDK GOLD, which will include a number of 3D tracking technologies such as object recognition, positional room and space tracking, edge and shape detection and more features built on top of Wikitude’s 3D tracking core engine.

Wikitude object recognition Developed over the last three years in Wikitude’s R&D facilities in Salzburg, Austria, the new and upcoming GOLD features will enable developers around the globe to build AR apps that “see and understand” the three dimensional world around us. We humans see the world in 3D, so it is the only natural next step for Wikitude’s comprehensive technology platform to do the same.

Martin Herdina, Wikitude’s CEO, inaugurates the beginning of GOLD: “Since Wikitude’s launch of the world’s very first AR application on Android in 2008, our mission has always been to ‘augment the world’ and with this new addition to our platform we have yet another building block to achieve this very ambitious and big goal.” The GOLD package will be filled with lots of features in the coming weeks and months, some of which you can try now at our booth 503 at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara from June 1-2. Come see us!

In addition to trying our AR platform and some of its new features hands on at our booth, be sure to join our live presentations including our Wikitude SDK tutorial session with Wikitude’s CTO Philipp Nagele, and Martin’s speech on how 3D recognition and tracking technology will change the way we see our world.

See the new SDK GOLD in action at booth 503 at AWE 2016!

Wikitude positional room and space tracking

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