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See beyond reality with Wikitude’s powerful SLAM solution for Augmented Reality apps!

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Wikitude SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

Introducing Wikitude’s powerful SLAM solution for augmented reality apps: a cross-platform SDK that empowers over 100000 AR developers worldwide to integrate outstanding marker and markerless augmented reality experiences for users. The SLAM technology makes it possible for AR applications to Recognize Objects, as well as to Instantly Track the world, and to add digital interactive augmentations.

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Wikitude SLAM Facts

  • Markerless Instant Tracking
  • Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Extended Tracking
  • Optimal for indoors and outdoors
  • iOS Native and JavaScript SDK
  • Android Native and JavaScript SDK
  • Support for Unity, PhoneGap, Titanium and Xamarin
  • 100% in-house developed

See what’s possible with Wikitude’s SLAM

augmented reality UFO floating over city with Wikitude SLAM

See beyond reality

Create impressive augmented reality experiences no matter where you go! Instant tracking allows you to place digital content indoors and outdoors without the need of a target. Let the world be your playground with SLAM-based apps, games, marketing campaigns, product demonstrations, and virtual outdoors!

map enhanced with digital 3D model using Wikitude SLAM Instant Tracking

Recognize and Track Objects

SDK 7 expanded Wikitude’s SLAM technology by adding object recognition and tracking capabilities to its feature set. These features enable brands and enterprises to build AR experiences using a variety of real-world objects, such as toys, sculptures, architectural models, product packaging, industrial machines and more. 

augmented reality furniture in real room with Wikitude SLAM

Plan and Design

Instant Tracking is the ideal feature for creating, designing and planning products and spaces. Wether you are planning a new office space, retail store disposition, architectural project or a product demonstration, Wikitude’s technology enables outstanding, interactive AR experiences for your app.

digital information overlaid on boiler in basement with Wikitude SLAM for Internet Of Things or Industrial uses

Enable AR for IoT

Wikitude’s technology enables integration of augmented reality in complex IoT systems in just a few steps. Use Object Recognition (marker), Extended Tracking (marker) or Instant Tracking (markerless) to monitor machinery performance, assist maintenance processes, visualize data and optimize operations.

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