Success Stories

Top brands use Wikitude's augmented reality solutions to create engagement and increase productivity. Find out some of their success stories!

Mirage By City Social – The World’s First Augmented Reality Cocktail Menu

Mirage By City Social – The World’s First Augmented Reality Cocktail Menu City Social is a London based Michelin-starred restaurant ... Read more

Aventuras por Albacete – The Interactive AR Tourism Game

Aventuras por Albacete – The Interactive Tourism Game The culturally rich Spanish province of Albacete needed to boost up their ... Read more Augmented Reality for Print Augmented Reality for Print – quick and simple brings augmented reality to the publishing world and offers the ... Read more

Disney Mech-X4 Robot Augmented Reality Battle

Disney Mech-X4 Robot Augmented Reality Battle A highly detailed twelve-inch toy Robot, based on the Mech-X4 action television series from the ... Read more

AR creatures battling in the real world with the Augmentors Game

AR creatures battling in the real world with the Augmentors Game Augmentors is the world’s first cross-platform (iOS & Android) ... Read more

Terracotta Warriors meet augmented reality at The Franklin Institute

Terracotta Warriors meet augmented reality at The Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute is using AR to enhance their Terracotta Warrior ... Read more

The Washington Post AR Series

Augmented Reality Series by The Washington Post To enhance its reporting and storytelling in 2017, The Washington Post is using ... Read more

“PeekPerks”, the ultimate mobile app for retail engagement

“PeekPerks”, the ultimate mobile app for retail engagement Peekosa developed the “PeekPerks” app to bring Augmented Reality to retail on ... Read more

TIME Magazine Special (AR) Edition

TIME Magazine Special Edition TIME Magazine creates special issues of iconic stature to focus on the world’s most important topics ... Read more

Ribena “Doodle your World” AR app

Ribena “Doodle your World” AR app Ribena has been in the beverage industry for over 75 years. To bring life ... Read more

Roomle – Bring your plan to life with AR

Roomle – Bring your plan to life with AR Augmented reality is the ideal feature for planning and designing rooms ... Read more

Media Markt

Media Markt Retail Engagement App Media Markt wanted to create the ultimate shopper’s app – something that let their customers ... Read more

Porsche Leipzig

Porsche's new app aims one thing: creating emotions. Powered by Wikitude, the company redesigned the entire Porsche Leipzig "behind the production" experience for visitors..... Learn more

Olympic Games 2016 – Globo Rio App

Globo Rio, 2016 was the first great Augmented Reality project created in Brazil. Powered by Wikitude, the app brought AR to the 2016 Olympic Games hosted in Rio.... Learn more

UEFA Magic Pic App

At Europe's largest football tournament, augmented reality scored a goal! Powered by Wikitude's SDK, the UEFA magic pic app became the official photo booth for supporters attending the 2016 EURO cup in France.

The Speaking Celt museum experience

“The Speaking Celt" app is a companion app to visitors of the Museum of Celtic Heritage in Salzburg. Serving as a museum guide, the augmented celt appears every time users scan the targets. Learn more

CoCA Pop-Up (AR)t Book

As part of Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art’s ongoing effort to push the boundaries of contemporary art—in this case by bringing new technology to its publications... Learn more

Teaching smartphones how to read: OCR for the Wikitude SDK

Powered by Wikitude, Anyline's OCR SDK enables text recognition on gift cards, bank slips, energy meters and much more! Learn more...

Racing Explained app: converting occasional visitors into racing enthusiasts

Racing Explained app: converting occasional visitors into racing enthusiasts The Jockey Club runs 15 of the leading UK racecourses and ... Read more

Dinosaurs invading The St. Louis Science Center

MindActive developed an augmented reality app incorporating dinosaurs and a jungle environment to delight kids. Over 350 photos were uploaded to for the participants to view, print or download.

SAP AR Enterprise Project

End-to-end Mobile Helicopter Maintenance Prototype Leveraging AR Always looking to the future, the SAP® Co-Innovation Lab facilitates project-based co-innovation with ... Read more

One Direction – The augmented story and quiz

One Direction “1D Official Book” Companion App Powered by Wikitude image recognition technology, with the One Direction 1D companion app ... Read more

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Redberry Digital was selected and tasked by 20th Century Fox to develop an accompanying app for the third instalment of the blockbuster "Night at the Museum" franchise.

Lapp Group augmented reality app

Lapp Group worked closely with Wikitude to develop an augmented reality app that utlized our image recognition and 3D modelling technology.

Manor Plus – bringing print to life!

The image recognition technology from Wikitude is powering Switzerland’s largest department store chain, Manor's catalogues.

Augmented Reality at the Chimani National Parks

Chimani is a leading developer of mobile apps aimed at transforming travel to the National Parks and other outdoor destinations with augmented reality technology.

Wien zu Fuß App – Citizen Engagement through AR Game

The Wien zu Fuß app was developed to engage users to walk through the city of Vienna with a fitness, fun and gaming twist with augmented reality.

Apenheul App – Going wild with Augmented Reality

TrickTrack uses Wikitude tech and is the first application that provides you with the right set of tools to increase the level of customer engagement.

Hermes Virtual Tour – Surfing in the past through Augmented Reality.

Hermes Virtual Tour is an innovative APP that allows an immersive experience in the world’s artistic heritage through the Augmented Reality.

Osmino – Find free hotspots with Augmented Reality

Using the Wikitude powered Osmino wi-fi app, users can find free wi-fi hotspots anywhere in the world, including turn by turn directions to these locations.

Invisible Light Project – Wikitude and HS Offenburg in the International Year of Light 2015

Hochschule Offenburg launches AR app for the UNESCO Year of Light using the Wikitude SDK geo location feature.


The Augmented Reality solution for the official London 2012 app had to meet 3 key requirements: world class stability and functionality, as well as full brand compliance.

Boardshop – Retail Augmented – The interactive retail store by Nestled in the heart of beautiful Salzburg, Austria is Julian Pothast’s Boardshop, ... Read more

Direct2Artist – Showcase art with AR

The Direct2Artist app is an innovative AR tool that helps artists from all over the world to bring their art work to clients wherever they go.

Ice Age 4 – Scrat’s Nut Hunt game

Developed by Bliss Interactive for 20th Century Fox, the Wikitude powered augmented reality app, Scrat’s Nut Hunt allows users to experience the quest ...

Ford – explore your new car with Augmented Reality

Discover the highlights of each Ford vehicles and relevant video featuring Ford’s smart technologies.

Zalando scans fashion with Wikitude

The Geneva Motor Show with Zalando and Rinspeed by Zalando and Rinspeed Wikitude partnered with international online fashion retailer Zalando ... Read more


Once at the summit, visitors can then take advantage of a stunning 360º view of London, and use the Wikitude-powered augmented reality element to further explore ...

Wikitude Navigation (Turn-by-turn)

Wikitude Navigation is the worlds first and only augmented reality based GPS navigation system. With precise turn-by-turn directions overlaid onto a real world image ...

IBM/Ogilvy – Seer Wimbledon 2010

Following IBM Seer 2009, which was the first augmented reality app using live data feeds, the Seer Wimbledon 2010 app streams live video ...


A quick scan of your surroundings with the world within Wikitude provides you with a comprehensive listing of all the accommodations around you.

Roman city Carnuntum alive

Wikitude brings Roman history to life at Carnuntum by 7reasons and LBI ArchPro Working together with 7reasons and Prof. Wolfgang ... Read more


TripAdvisor features more than 75 million reviews and opinions, all submitted by travelers. And now, when you access the TripAdvisor world via Wikitude, finding the advice ...

Art Gallery AR

Museum Art Gallery Exhibition by Wikitude Wikitude and eoVision collaborate to bring visitors the 21st century art exhibit experience. With ... Read more

Gamereactor AR

The free AR Gamereactor app brings their "Watch Dogs" magazine to life. By scanning selected pages you get to see exclusive content like 3D scenes, images, videos, interviews and more.

one earth – the augmented photo book

one earth by eoVision eoVision’s highly detailed book, one earth, is a collection of 119 satellite images that analyze the ... Read more

2013 Fiemme Nordic Ski Championships

Trentino 2013 Fiemme Nordic Ski Championships by Interplay Software S.r.l. Interplay Software S.r.l. proudly used Wikitude Augmented Reality technology to ... Read more

HCM Konnect – An Enterprise Solution

The HCM Konnect mobile solution engages the workforce by providing contextual insight into the enterprise Human Capital, thereby providing significant impact on ...

Lonely Planet City Guides (Android)

Lonely Planet, the world’s favorite travel company, has teamed up with mobile augmented reality pioneer Mobilizy to bring a world-class mobile AR experience to their renowned travel guides.


RIM struck upon the idea of offering BBM users the option of literally seeing where their BBM contacts are through an Augmented Reality view.


Austria based paysafecard is Europe’s most popular prepaid solution for purchasing online. Their popular iOS and Android app now include a handy location based services feature powered by Wikitude!


Together with BBC Active, Dorling Kindersley and Wikitude the Future Technologies Group within Pearson created a prototype for a Augmented Reality phrase book called LangAR.


TEAM VIENNA – BUBBLE TAP THE GAME by Team Vienna Games Team Vienna Games is a boutique games developer working ... Read more


Through this AR view, consumers are able to use their mobile device to quickly, easily, and accurately discover new and available properties.


Coupies and Wikitude put savings in your pocket with location based coupons. Never miss a deal again!


Using in-cam Augmented Reality advertising, the Austrian agency IQ mobile, specialized in innovative mobile advertising and marketing concepts, were the first to integrate the method into their portfolio.