Racing Explained app

Racing Explained app: converting occasional visitors into racing enthusiasts

The Jockey Club runs 15 of the leading UK racecourses and plays host to almost 2 million racegoers each year. Research shows that up to 80% of attendees on any given racing day are ‘casual racegoers’ . The Jockey Club believes that a better understanding of racing and the events that take place before, during and after a race is key to helping visitors get more from their day at the racecourse and to encouraging their return. Scramboo came with the best solution for this challenge: the Racing Explained app, using Geo-location and Augmented Reality.

App developed by Wikitude Premium Partner Scramboo

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The Racing Explained app provides racecourse visitors information about racing in general as well as information specific to the user’s immediate context. The app uses geo-location and augmented reality to present simple, intuitive and engaging content tied to locations and objects at each racecourse. For example, if the user is standing next to the parade ring, he can check on the app which horses are currently there. Users can also view and interact with other course locations, such as cafès and bars, as well as with posters, signs, and objects which the app recognises using image based AR. The image recognition feature can be used to trigger video footage from a recent race for example, or even to create a “trail” around a racecourse.

Both Android and iOS apps use Wikitude SDK for the geo-location and image triggered AR experiences. The content for each location and image is managed by Scramboo’s bespoke AR content publishing platform, Viewmaker, which integrates The Jockey Club’s content with 3rd party data streams. Viewmaker allows course managers to upload, edit and publish their own content, with an easy to use publisher interface. This makes it possible to make on the fly changes in content for special promotions or events, to view engagement analytics and moderate comments received from course visitors.

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