PeekPerks, the ultimate augmented reality mobile app for retail engagement

“PeekPerks”, the ultimate mobile app for retail engagement

Peekosa developed the “PeekPerks” app to bring Augmented Reality to retail on a single, robust and easy to use platform. “PeekPerks” makes it easy and affordable for any size retailer or brand to maximize engagement with their customers and build loyalty.

By Peekosa

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PeekPerks is an app for consumers to experience Augmented Reality in retail and e-commerce. The framework contains Augmented Reality experiences for brands and retailers that are carefully designed to boost sales and help build customer loyalty while providing informative, engaging, interactive and personalized content to the consumer.

PeekPerks uses Wikitude’s SLAM technology to create experiences that allow consumers to place objects in the real world and that help them visualize their space, such as furniture or even landscaping. In an e-commerce or print setting, PeekPerks takes advantage of Wikitude’s image recognition to launch experiences to provide maximum engagement for the consumer.

PeekPerks also drives foot traffic to stores by promoting in-store AR events. Using Wikitude’s Location-Based technology, PeekPerks can easily set up retailers with Point of Interest campaigns throughout a store to emphasize sales, endcaps, individual products and more. Additionally, PeekPerks has an on-demand, self-service dashboard that allows any size brand or retailer to create and launch AR campaigns in minutes. The dashboard has a full-service asset store including 2D images, 3D models and animations. The 3D models are prepared using Wikitude’s 3D Encoder.

Using Wikitude’s technology, consumers can enjoy an array of different experiences that utilize image recognition, SLAM, extended tracking, location-based service and all of the extended functionality features offered by Wikitude. Each experience is different based on the needs of the brand or retailer which allows PeekPerks to use most of the features included in Wikitude’s technology.

PeekPerks will be available soon on both iOS and Android.

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