one earth

by eoVision
Wikitude and one earth

eoVision’s highly detailed book, one earth, is a collection of 119 satellite images that analyze the status of the Earth’s environment and present readers with views of the colors and forms of various landscapes.

Demo instructions

tryit_step_1Open the one earth app on your mobile device. (Download for FREE from the App Store or Google Play.)
tryit_step_2On the opening first screen, click on the “Start” button.
tryit_step_3Once the camera opens, simply point at one of the images, which can be found here, and prepare to be amazed!

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With a heavy emphasis on graphics, eoVision faced the challenge of conveying large amounts of information about the images, without the use of traditional print. Seeking an innovative solution, the firm turned to Wikitude and utilized our image recognition and tracking engine to trigger 3D models, multimedia, text, and other web-based content. Debuted at the world’s largest print media and book exhibition, the Frankfurter Buchmesse, Wikitude delivered added value to the launch of eoVision’s highly detailed and thought provoking title, one earth through image recognition, 3D modeling, and additional augmented reality features.
eoVision’s goal was to tell the story of one earth through detailed satellite images, while at the same time providing readers with detailed information about what they were viewing. Realizing that a few lines of text would not accomplish this goal, and in fact, detract from the images, eoVision looked to the future of print media, and selected Wikitude to provide augmented reality technology.

one earth uses 119 pages of satellite images to analyze the status of our environment and the results speak for themselves through their aesthetic appearance. One challenge of this project is to let the visual impression of the image take effect, while at the same time to provide readers with detailed information. Therefore the large scale, double page images are supplemented by maps and descriptions to an extent that allows readers to orientate themselves geographically and thematically.

Realizing that a few lines of text would not be enough to provide users with enough information, orientation is accomplished through eoVision’s innovative usage of Wikitude’s image recognition, 3D modeling, and augmented reality technology. Through this implementation, eoVision is able to bring users detailed information and a multimedia experience previously impossible via traditional print media.

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