SDK PRO 3D (one time)

One-time fee license

PRO 3D is the market’s most complete augmented reality SDK, enhancing apps with Object Recognition and Tracking, 3D Markerless Tracking technology (SLAM), Image Recognition and Tracking, as well as geo-location AR features.

This license is suited for developers seeking to include the whole spectrum of augmented reality experiences currently available. Customers of the PRO 3D license benefit from Wikitude’s full feature augmented reality SDK for marker, markerless (SLAM) and geo-location AR.

Main Features of the Package:
  • Wikitude SDK (Object Recognition, Instant Tracking, Image Recognition and Tracking and Geo-AR)
  • License for 1x Android and 1x iOS App
  • Support for Extensions (Unity, Xamarin, Titanium and PhoneGap)
  • Bug Fix Releases Included (e.g if you have purchased SDK 7.0 then SDK 7.0.x is free)

License terms:this license is a one time fee. Please note this product does not include support from the Wikitude technical team nor SDK upgrades (version update). SDK upgrades (e.g SDK 7 – SDK 7.1) require purchase of a new SDK PRO license. However, a bug fix release (for example 7.0.x) is still included.


  • Geo
  • 2D Image Recognition
  • 3D Engine
  • Instant Tracking (SLAM)
  • Object Recognition

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