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The ODG-customised Wikitude SDK is ready to go!

The ODG R7 is one of the most impressive pieces of AR technology on the market right now – and Wikitude’s here to help you easily make incredible apps and content for it. The Wikitude SDK is now fully compatible with and optimized for the R-7 smartglasses and the ODG Reticle ecosystem.
Currently one of the most adaptable and capable tools on the market for enterprise customers seeking AR solutions, the ODG R-7 offers robust and reliable functionality. But of course, our fully-documented and customised SDK is also designed to address the needs of developers working on more consumer-oriented AR experiences, such as entertainment, gaming, navigation, marketing and architecture.
The R-7 is showing up doing even cooler and cooler things – like the hottest thing in AR right now, playing Pokémon Go.
Wondering what exactly you’ll be able to do? Rendering for stereoscopic see-thru displays (3D mode). The benefit? An immersive, hands-free AR experience, with full visibility of what’s going on around you.

Here are some of the features included in our optimized ODG SDK:

  • Location-based AR (so you can develop the next Pokémon Go app!)
  • Image recognition and tracking
  • Extended tracking
  • Plugins API
  • Integration with the Wikitude Cloud Recognition service
  • Distance to Physical Target and more
For a complete list of all features included please visit our SDK features page.

Given the ODG R-7’s ability to offer an incredible hands-free experience, and Wikitude’s ability to create truly customized, original AR apps, we’re really excited about this partnership, which will help developers even further leverage in the booming AR market.

Wikitude and ODG announced their partnership to provide a winning augmented reality developer package in May 2016. ODG offers a 25% discount on up to 2 pairs of R-7 Glasses for pre-approved developers. Contact ODG Support for your developer discount code.

Download ODG SDK


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