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Object recognition enables real time and 360° augmented reality experiences around real world objects, that were pre-defined by you. With the latest developments, Wikitude launched Scene Recognition, supporting recognition and tracking of larger objects, rooms, and scenes.
The feature is based on Wikitude’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine that is also used for Instant Tracking.

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Quick Facts

  • New: Improved recording process
  • New: Extended Object Tracking
  • Enables 3D marker-based AR experiences (Objects and Scenes)
  • Optimal for indoors and outdoors
  • iOS and Android support: Native, JavaScript, Unity, PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin
  • Windows support: Unity
  • Available for Smart Glasses: Epson, ODG
  • Object and Scene Recognition Documentation

Object Recognition & Tracking

With Object Recognition, we introduced a new marker-based AR experience. The idea behind is very similar to Image Recognition, but instead of recognizing images and planar surfaces, this feature can work with three-dimensional structures and objects. Detection is based on a pre-recorded map of the object. The workflow is simple: make pictures of your object, upload them to Wikitude Studio and create your AR experience.

Scene Recognition & Tracking

This feature is a natural step in the evolution of the Object Reco technology, supporting recognition & tracking not only of small objects but also of rooms, buildings, landscapes, industrial sites, complex machinery, and large-scale objects. Moreover, it localizes the user in a much more precise manner than the GPS does. Think outdoor gaming, business façades, historical monuments, industrial maintenance, or other cases that call for more comprehensive recognition.

Some of the many use cases …


Maintenance and Repair

Industries are using AR to optimize their business in design, production, distribution, maintenance and remote assistance. Technicians can scan machines to check for faulty settings and remote experts can connect with on-site technicians who receive real-time audio, messaging as well as AR instructions. AR enhanced content is also being used as an alternative to traditional owner’s manuals and setup guides.


Museums, Art

Artists are creating digital art pieces layered over public places that are unveiled through augmented reality. Museums items can been enhanced with AR explanations, videos or other meaningful content. Historical statues and sites can be overlaid with a digital reconstruction of their original state, allowing visitors to visualize them as in their time of glory. This creates vast possibilities to engage visitors in interactive ways.

Wikitude SDK – Object and Scene recognition

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