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Join Wikitude at the 5th ARVR Innovate Conference

With so much happening in the augmented reality world, it can be challenging to grasp what is, in fact, stirring up the augmented reality market. Simply knowing which new feature has been released and by whom, is sometimes simply not enough.

To be one step ahead, the trick is to fully understand what AR can do, how it can be put into action, where it is headed and, more importantly, which solutions it can provide. However, unless you live and breathe AR on a daily basis, chances are you might be uncertain about what is ACTUALLY going on in the AR world.

If you are looking for an opportunity to gain reliable knowledge from one of the creative minds directly involved in the core of the AR industry, you are in luck. Wikitude’s Chief Technology Officer, Philipp Nagele, will be tackling important AR topics during his keynote speech at this year’s ARVR Innovate Conference.

Focusing on what lies ahead in terms of augmented reality project creation, Phillipp will also explore features that go beyond markerless AR, how mobile AR has changed with Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit now in the scene and, of course, part of Wikitude’s AR journey.

Wikitude is excited to be sponsoring and participating in this prestigious gathering and is honored by the words of ARVR Innovate Founder and Managing Director, Alex Gibson:

“We are delighted to have Wikitude on board as one of our key partners for this year’s ARVR Innovate. Anyone who has been paying attention to the augmented reality sector can’t help but be impressed by their amazing work. There is a reason why they are the world’s leading mobile AR technology provider and that is because they provide brilliant technology. That exceptional functionality has led to more than 100,000 developers using Wikitude’s services and it is why thousands of AR apps are now powered through their SDK.

We’re also very excited to have Wikitude’s brilliant CTO Philipp Nagele as one of our keynote speakers for this year’s conference. Given Wikitude’s position in the sector, no one is better placed to discuss the development of the AR market in the coming years as well as the recent exciting developments within the industry. This sector is constantly evolving and Philipp is one of the key innovators helping to guide that change. He and Wikitude have such a great story to tell and personally I can’t wait to hear his presentation. I know it is a talk that will be eagerly anticipated by everyone attending ARVR Innovate 2018.”

Establishing itself as one of the top conferences dedicated to the subjects of augmented and virtual reality, the 2018 edition will be held in Dublin (RDS) on May 10th. ARVR Innovate attendees will have an excellent chance to get involved with companies and innovators throughout the augmented reality and virtual reality industry and get exclusive insights from various other experts in the field. Access the ARVR website soon to learn more about the early bird special ticket offers.

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