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Wikitude in Real Time in Real Life

Dear Friends of Wikitude ! Last week’s Like Minds Conversation in Helsinki was a fantastic event. The gathering hosted a mix of creators in mobile, augmented reality and social media. It was amazing for me once again, to see how much of a following Wikitude enjoys out there – thank you to all participants at the venue and to all who connected to the presentations via live Internet stream. Another special thanks to the Like Minds Team who made the conference run smoothly – fantastic job of putting this all together! Besides keynoting in Helsinki, it was a good opportunity for me to catch up with our friends at Nokia – thank you very much guys! Apart from the event the one thing that amazed me the most in Helsinki in mid June was the fact that the sun did not want to go down at all. Trying to sleep at midnight while the sun is still lighting up the sky was definitely a new one for me. After the true experience of insomnia I am now glad to be back in Salzburg…;-) Thanks again to all the fantastic people I met in Finland. Cheers, Andy

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