Augmented Reality Halloween App Tutorial

Any light-hearted soul knows that a great part of Halloween fun revolves around pulling pranks on friends and family. You just cannot beat the laughter which follows a well-played prank. And since the season of mischief is upon us, you might be thinking of putting on a mask and sneaking up on someone for the ... Read more

The ODG-customised Wikitude SDK is ready to go!

The ODG R7 is one of the most impressive pieces of AR technology on the market right now – and Wikitude’s here to help you easily make incredible apps and content for it. The Wikitude SDK is now fully compatible with and optimized for the R-7 smartglasses and the ODG Reticle ecosystem.   Currently one of the ... Read more

Wikitude expands its AR platform

At the biggest augmented reality event of the year, the Augmented World Expo, Wikitude is setting the stage for a new addition to its augmented reality (AR) platform. After 8 years of serving over 100,000 developers around the world with both location based AR technology, as well as a 2D image recognition and tracking SDK, ... Read more

Build the next Pokémon Go with Wikitude’s SDK 5.2

Are you working on building the next Pokémon Go? Wikitude can help make that a whole lot easier! Geo location, image recognition, and on-screen interactives – all right here for the taking. The next version of our industry-leading augmented reality SDK is out – and it’s got a few upgrades we think developers need to ... Read more