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Publish your AR project to the world with the Wikitude app!

The all new Wikitude is here! Completely redesigned from the ground up, Wikitude 8 empowers businesses to directly create their own augmented reality campaigns, within a matter of minutes. In combination with Wikitude Studio, augmented reality projects and campaigns can quickly and easily be created and provide engaging interactive content!

Wikitude App Power Search

Power Search

At the core of Wikitude 8 is the Power Search. The Power Search is your gateway to unlocking the world of digitally augmented content around you. Our advanced algorithm and contextually aware search delivers only the most relevant results, providing you with what you need, when you need it. More specifically, businesses can provide customers with a specific Search Code that will direct them directly to a specific AR experience.
Wikitude App Video augmentation of Shoe Package

Video Augmentation

Utilizing Wikitude’s powerful in-house built image recognition engine, you can provide consumers with rich media overlays like videos or augment simple buttons and texts. Whether it’s packaging, print adverts/brochures, apparel or anything in between, Wikitude 8 can power compelling end user experiences producing customer leads and drive sales!
Wikitude Studio augmentation of Magazine

Use Wikitude Studio to create and publish your project in the Wikitude App

Tying the entire Wikitude 8 experience together is the powerful Wikitude Studio. A simple and easy to use augmented reality creation tool, Wikitude Studio and Wikitude 8 make for the ultimate business solution. Through Studio, Wikitude provides solutions for small businesses right on through to large enterprise organizations with minimal cost and effort.
The Wikitude App in combination with Wikitude Studio is the ideal package for brands and businesses who want to easily publish augmented reality campaigns and projects to the world. In addition to our already long existing Wikitude SDK, which is mostly suited for programmers and developers wanting to build their very own AR app, we now have an additional offering for “non-technical” folks, who are looking for easy tools to create, manage and publish AR in the already existing Wikitude App.
Andy Gstoll | CMO, Wikitude GmbH
Wikitude App AR experience visual functionality

Wikitude App

Users of the Wikitude app will find your AR experience through the Power Search box at the top.

Your Mobile Webpage

Your AR experience can be linked directly from your mobile webpage. For example a simple “Go to AR view” button or text link can automatically launch your AR project in the Wikitude app.

Google Search Results

All projects created with Wikitude Studio will be indexed by Google, and are therefore discoverable by your clients and potential clients.

Print Material

Promote your dedicated link of choice (for example in your print material to drive consumers directly to your AR experience. *This link should point to the “Project Link” specified within your Wikitude Studio campaign.

For businesses, brands and agencies

The fundamental change and benefit of the new Wikitude App for businesses, brands and agencies is that it can now easily publish AR projects created in Wikitude Studio, the easiest content creation and management tool out there. Without the need of any programming skills marketers can now hop on to the web, log into Wikitude Studio, create an AR project in as little as 10 minutes and publish it in the Wikitude App right away, it’s that simple.
Your business’ AR project or campaign is easy to access and found in the new Wikitude App. You may also want to promote your AR campaign by advertising your chosen ‘Search Code’ which if you own a runners sports store for example, could be “runningshoe”. Once typed into Wikitude’s Power Search, your AR Project will come up immediately. You may also promote your AR ‘Project Link’ in your company’s collateral, which in this example could look something like Additionally you may want to use this dedicated URL to link your AR project from your own mobile web page for example. If this sounds interesting and you are looking for more information on Search Codes and Project Links go here.

Start publishing your own AR project today – yes today!